Interplastics s.r.o. is the sole agent on Slovak and Czech market of company OMEGA PLASTO Compounds who produces compound named Polycom (for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP and EVA) and Polycom P (for PVC).
These products have been developed in order to:

  • lower the costs on input materials and at the same time solves some of the problems that normally arise by plastics processing,
  • allow the use of filler (CaCO3), eventually increasing its dosage while keeping or improving final product's appearance, surfaces and physical mechanical properties,
  • alleviate the processing as a processing agent – mixture is not sticking to the machines and extends their lifetime,
  • enhace product's properties when processing regranulate.

Polycom and Polycom P are not calcium carbonate and can be used also without using CaCO3 in production. In case of your interest, our sales people can either by phone, email or in person explain and give you more details about the advantages of the products Polycom and Polycom P. According to information about materials you use, we can suggest recipes to be used with Polycom or Polycom P. We visit our customers with our technical support engineers from OMEGA PLASTO Compounds few times every year. Our technicians are willing to help with machine adjustments and advise with material dosing in your production for no extra fee.