We are a sole agent of portuguese company Cabopol for sale on Slovak, Czech and Romanian market.

  • CABOPOL is a global player on compounding thermoplastic and crosslinked solutions to following industries: automotive, hospitals, packaging, cables, footwear, construction.
  • company produces also biodegradable (biomind) materials for packaging purposes.
  • CABOPOL has 50 years of experience in the compounds sector and the company has focused heavily on the international market, exporting to more than 70 countries around the world.
  • company has a production capacity of 110,000 tones for a range of high-quality products (TPE, PVC, PP and PE compounds) that include all technical specifications and applications demanded by customers.

CABOPOL products:

  • Lacovil PVC,
  • Lacovil PVC Phtalate free,
  • Lacoflex TPE-SBS,
  • Sicaflex TPE-SEBS,
  • Sofiplus Halogen free (PP a XLDPE),
  • Sofiprime,
  • Biomind.

Please, contact our office to find out more information regarding CABOPOL products and materials. Our team will be pleased to give you not only closer specification about CABOPOL standard products but in cooperation with CABOPOL technical support can design new product according to your needs and specification.